Burrell Mining International, Industry leader in Manufacturing and Innovation

Experts in Products for Mine Ventilation and Mine Roof Support

Burrell Mining International is a company specializing in the production of high quality, high-performance roof and ventilation solutions. Headquartered just outside of the City of Pittsburgh in New Kensington, PA, Burrell Mining International manufactures in Price, UT; Waynesburg, PA; and Bluefield, WV providing convenient proximity to its customers and markets. As an innovative leader in the mining industry for decades, our products and solutions have made worksites safer and more efficient in coal, limestone, tunneling and construction industries.

Ventilation Systems for Mining and More

Promoting reliable airflow through mine ventilation systems is an essential health and safety practice as well as a critical operational need that makes a tangible difference in productivity.

With everchanging regulatory requirements and the dynamic needs of each operation, Burrell Mining understands the importance of having proven solutions to these high demands. We supply products that allow proper air flows for maintaining required velocities and cubic-ft-per-minutes (CFMs) to ensure the delivery of fresh air to workers and removal of contaminants and combustibles from working areas. With our Omega Block ®, constructing your ventilation system will be much more efficient with its lightweight and strong design saving you time and money while supplying the fresh air required to keep your employees safe and able to work. Underground mines demand effective ventilation systems, our Omega Block® is an innovative product designed specifically to solve your ventilation needs.

Roof Support System

Burrell Mining International provides a line of secondary roof supports for your ventilation and roof control plans alike. The CAN® is a proven technology that has been used for decades in the mining industry and continually proves itself as a top performer against convergence and turbulence. Our roof support products are designed to resist mine floor heaving and roof sag while allowing the controlled yield of such forces to maintain air courses over long periods. The CAN® is produced in a large variety of diameters and length as well as support densities, lending its capabilities to wide spectrum of mining applications. With diameters from 18”-36” and heights up to 15’, The CAN® has a size that fits your needs.

The TurboCAN® is a close rival to The CAN® with similarities in design and performances but is intended for areas where workers can manually set with it being lightweight and including handles. The TurboCAN® offers a quick reliable support in trouble areas while maintaining confidence to be used in longer term applications.

Additional roof support offerings include Fibercrib®
for areas with space concerns or where a cuttable support is need for equipment extraction areas and/or cut through locations. Burrell’s line of roof supports is designed to meet your secondary support needs.

Why Should You Work with Burrell Mining International?

When you look to partner with a company for mining products, you need to look for a dependable, smart, and innovative company with a track record of success. We pride ourselves with investing in communities, and the surrounding area. Working with local miners and other vendors and suppliers is important to us and our values, and we are dedicated to supplying nothing but the best mining products for our partners as well as customers.

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